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PSP games

PSP games... High-Quality gaming in your pocket

The Playstation Portable, more commonly known as the PSP, made a huge splash in the video gaming industry when it was released in 2005. Sony Computer Entertainment developed the PSP console with a single ambition; balancing the power of Playstation graphics in a more portable and robust format.

Simply put, the PSP is fun in a box; an all-in-one gaming, music, movie and online entertainment device. The interface is simple and easy to navigate and the button configuration is similar to its bigger playstation console counterparts. Catching the late bus (or microbus taxi if you in SA) home has never been this much fun.

PSP Gaming wherever you are

If you've played with a playstation controller before, then the PSP button layout won't be all that foreign to you. Great for gaming, the PSP is lightweight, has a big clear LCD display and comfortable design, especially when it gets just too difficult to put the PSP down..."just one more level!"

The PSP is one of the first and only handheld gaming systems to use UMD (Universal Media Disk) as a storage medium. Developed by Sony, the UDM can not only house video games but also has the capabilities to play full length movies and music. Some PSP games also has cross platform integration, by linking the PSP to a PS2 or PS3 console, you can gain access to certain special modes or items in a particular game.

Playing a video game is so much better with friends and family. The PSP doesn't need a "second controller" method to allow social interaction between your buddies. You and a friend can play multiplayer games either by connecting two or more PSP systems or connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and play with other PSP gamers across the globe.

Your PSP Connects to the World

The PSP gaming console can do more than just play high-quality games or videos, you can easily connect to the Playstation Network (PSN) and access hundreds of game downloads, movies, trailers and more. With a PSN account, you can catch up on the latest TV shows, read your favourite comics or join an online game with other PSP users anywhere in the world.

Since the launch of the PSP, many different versions and redesigns have entered the market. The most recent is the PSP E1000, designed to look similar to the Playstation 3 with a charcoal black finish and is considered to be "budget friendly". The most popular PSP console is still the PSP 3000, larger LCD, built -in microphone and video output using component or composite connections.

These PSP redesigns have all been manufactured to improve the users gaming experience, giving the PSP system a higher shelve life and value for money when choosing a new PSP gaming machine. With additional PSP acessories to keep your portable console happy and protectioned. You can be sure that the PSP will keep you playing until the midnight candle is all burnt up.

Shopping for PSP games Online

The PSP gaming system is like having the Playstation console, DVD player and portable music player in your pocket. If convenience is king, then the PSP will give you the royal treatment everytime you switch it on. With a global estimation of 70 million sales since its launch and a mammoth arsenal of fantastic games, available, it's easy to see why the PSP is still the most popular handheld gaming system on the market.

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