How to use a Price Comparison Engine like ONESHOP


What is ONESHOP?

  • ONESHOP is a price comparison engine that only list South African online stores and their products. It is possible to find almost any product on ONESHOP by searching for it or browsing from the home page.
  • Once the product is found, the shopper will be shown product information and which online stores currently sell these items. Shoppers can then compare the prices form the online stores and click the "Go Shop" button to complete the purchase from whom they choose.

Does ONESHOP sell any products on the website?

  • No, ONESHOP does not sell any products to shoppers. We simply list the product and pricing information for your use.

Do I have to join if I ever see something I'd like to buy?

  • ONESHOP is free to all shoppers. You do not need to be a member in order to make use of the information available.

How do I go about buying something?

  • Find the product on ONESHOP and then click on the "Go Shop" button on each products page. This will redirect you to the stores website where you can complete the purchase. Return to Oneshop to compare a different product.
  • You may need to create an account with the online store, as they need more information from you such as shipping address and your payment information.

How would payment be made?

  • Payment is made on the online stores website, depending on the different payment options available. So feel free to choose any store that caters to your needs.

Is there any guarantee that the 'goods' would be delivered?

  • All online stores are reviewed before being approved by ONESHOP. We only list trusted online stores for your security and safe shopping experience. For any specific questions regarding the product, payment, or delivery, please contact the individual retailers on their website.

How do I leave feedback or concerns on your site?

  • We encourage feedback from visitors so we can improve on ONESHOP on a daily basis, use the form on the contact us page to send us a message.