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Movie History at a Glance

Films also called movies or motion pictures are a popular form of entertainment, a million dollar industry, a form of education and are considered an art form. The making and showing of motion pictures became profitable nearly as soon as motion pictures were invented. At first only a carnival novelty, movies developed gradually to the popular entertainment as it is know today. The first motion picture camera was invented in 1895 with the Lumiere's brothers Cinematographe which made motion pictures popular and that began the motion picture era. With the success of their new invention the Lumiere's brothers started touring to showcase the first film privately to royalty and publicly to the masses. Companies dedicated to theatres formed exclusively to produce and distribute films. Motion picture actors became celebrities that started charging high performance fees. In 1017 Charlie Chaplin's contract was for an annual salary of one million dollars.

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Movie Reviews

Not long after the great success of motion pictures, movies were being reviewed and rated much like OneShop's rating system. Movies were analysed and evaluated by academic critics and journalistic film critics on the quality of the film, storyline, acting performances and many more aspects. Movie reviews have a great and important impact on movies. Action, horror and comedy films are not so greatly affected by film critic but the plot summery and story line can still have a big influence whether or not people are going to see the film. The movie genres that are affected the most by negative criticism are Drama and Romance which can often be doomed by bad reviews. The aim of many movie producers and actors is to have a lasting impact to receive good criticism and to ultimately receive the great recognition of the Academy Awards.

Movies Today

Many movies are based on books, comic books, historical events, legends and influential people. With the creativity and true art of movies we get to see a glimpse of these history making people's lives; what happened and how the world looked many years ago and brings the characters in books to life in through a vivid experience. Many techniques and technologies are constantly developed to make creatures more real or lifelike, make car chases faster, explosions bigger and to enhance the movie viewing experience. There is a wide variety of movie genres ensuring that there is something for each and every individual so that everyone can enjoy the entertainment of movies. Movies is the perfect way to take that special girl on a date that you finally plucked up the courage to ask out or to spend some time with your friends, your mom, dad, that special someone or whoever you enjoy going to the movies with or relax on the couch in the comfort of your own home.

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