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32 key electronic keyboard battery operated with microphone electronic toy

32 Key Electronic Keyboard Battery Operated With Microphone

32 Key Electronic Keyboard Battery Operated, With Microphone What's in the box 1 x 32 Key Electronic Keyboard Battery Operated, With Microphone

anchorman crystal radio electronic toy

Anchorman Crystal Radio

Introduce your kids to the world of electronics and construction with this amazing Crystal Radio.

4m crazy robot electronic toy

4M Crazy Robot

4M Crazy Robot. It walks, it jumps. It flips, and it spins. This is crazy robot, it scuttles along the floor and turns round and flips over when it

adjustable kids karaoke machine microphone electronic toy

Adjustable Kids Karaoke Machine Microphone

Product Description The microphone will make your little 1 feel like a star. Listen to them sing along to their favorite songs with this MP3

winfun caesar the lion lets read electronic toy

Winfun Caesar The Lion Let'S Read

Winfun is the leading Supplier of Outdoor and Indoor Play Equipment for Kids. Winfun offers the most energetic child with a wide variety of safe and

12 inch tracing light box led artist table electronic toy

12" Tracing Light Box LED Artist Tracing Table

Take your drawings to the next level with this versatile Tracing Light Box LED Artist Tracing Table. Whether you're a professional artist or an

4m table top robot electronic toy

4M Table Top Robot

4M Table Top Robot Assemble a smart robotic crab which could detect the edges of any platm and make swift turns to avoid falling off. Turn it on and

thames and kosmos eco battery vehicles electronic toy

Thames and Kosmos EcoBattery Vehicles

It 039 s looking increasingly inevitable that electric vehicles EV 039 s for short will be the cars of the future.

rhythm and movement set electronic toy

Rhythm & Movement Set

Features Combining music with movement helps children work on multiple skills at the same time, so that while learning about musical expression and

electric touch maze collision shock toy electronic toy

Electric Touch Maze Collision Electric Shock Toy

Features When the electric bumper touches the labyrinth, it will emit a flash and sound safe for the baby Perfect for testing mental skills and

8 key xylophone and sticks assorted shapes electronic toy

8 Key Xylophone & Sticks Assorted shapes

8 Key Xylophone Sticks Assorted shapes Specifications Includes Playing Sticks Colours Assorted What's in the box 1 x Musical Percussion Xylophone 8

fisher price code a pillar electronic toy

Fisher Price Code A Pillar

Code a Pillar inspires little learners to be big thinkers by encouraging preschoolers to arrange and rearrange the easy to connect segments in

guitar toy natural electronic toy

Guitar Toy Natural

Features A great guitar to inspire children to play music and use their imagination Also includes a plectrum 52 x 20cm What's in the box 1 x guitar

blue lagoon guitar electronic toy

Lagoon Guitar

Get strumming on this beautiful blue guitar! A cross between a classical guitar and a ukulele, it's the perfect size for younger children wanting to

vw 14 in 1 solar robot kit electronic toy

VW 14" 1 Solar Robot Kit

Renewable energy is soon to be a huge part of our lives so why not get your children off to an early start with 14 in 1 Solar Robot Kit.

mukikim rock and roll it drum live drums percussion

Mukikim Rock And Roll It Drum Live

Rock And Roll It Drum Live! Flexible, Completely Portable, battery OR USB powered drum that gives you the view of being on stage. Headphones 2 Drum

star wars robot arm electronic toy

Star Wars Robot Arm

Build your very own Robot Arm.

thumbsup bat mug electronic toy

thumbsUp Bat Mug

Bat Mug Even caped crusaders need a tea break.All tuckered out after another night of fighting crime This dramatic ceramic mug with bat wing handles

minnies happy helpers rockin guitar electronic toy

Minnie's Happy Helpers Rockin' Guitar

Rock 'til you drop with Minnie mouse's rockin' guitar. Features 3 different play modes and 2 songs that your little rock star can listen to and play

winfun fun and playful puppy electronic toy

Winfun Fun And Playful Puppy

Playful puppy with chasing game fun. Shake the bone to make puppy chase. Tail wags when puppy moves

winfun light up talking phone electronic

WinFun Light Up Talking Phone

Winfun Light Up Talking Phone Win fun Light Up Talking Phone mobile phone designed to resemble the original but with bright colors. Colorful high

winfun light up talking phone electronic toy

Winfun LightUp Talking Phone

Winfun Light Up Talking Phone Win fun Light Up Talking Phone mobile phone designed to resemble the original but with bright colors. Colorful high

winfun magic sounds composer keyboard electronic toy

Winfun Magic Sounds Composer Keyboard

The Light touch 10 key keyboard with flashing light Winfun is the leading Supplier of Outdoor and Indoor Play Equipment for Kids. Winfun offers the

winfun musical fun activity ball electronic toy

Winfun Musical Fun Activity Ball

Colourful and fun activity ball, with music and playful activities to help develop hand and eye coordination.

28 shakers with box electronic toy

28 Shakers with Box

The Box with 28 shakers is an ideal way to teach rythm with different types of shakers including maracas and fruit shakers. The 28 shakers are

4m balancing robot electronic toy

4M Balancing Robot

4M Balancing Robot. Amaze your friends and family with this talented robot acrobat, who can perform gravity defying tricks on a string or a thin

4m eco engineering junkyard drummer electronic toy

4M EcoEngineering Junkyard Drummer

Turn junk into your very own drum set! Assemble this robotic drummer, arrange your unique tune and beat, make anywhere your live house. Program it

4m fridge robot electronic toy

4M Fridge Robot

4M Fridge Robot. Fridge robot is a fridge magnet on the move. Build the robot and watch it defy gravity as it walks up and down your fridge.

4m metal detector robot electronic toy

4M Metal Detector Robot

4M Metal Detector Robot Construct and remote control the metal detecting robot to search for metallic objects on the ground. The metal detecting unit

4m motorised robot hand electronic toy

4M Motorised Robot Hand

4M Motorised Robot Hand. Teach kids the wonders of robotics and anatomy with this ultra cool robotic hand. Kids can make the robotic hand tap out any

4m smart robot electronic toy

4M Smart Robot

4M Smart Robot A smart robot which changes its moving path when it hits an obstacle. No remote control or programme chips. It just moves as if it has

4m spider robot electronic toy

4M Spider Robot

4M Spider Robot. Spider robot scuttles up and down its string like a real spider on a silk thread. It cleverly changes direction at the top and

4m tin can robot electronic toy

4M Tin Can Robot

4M Tin Can Robot Turn a metal can into this walking, wobbling, bug eyed robot. It could be transformed to become a robotic monster too. Cans can also

4m wind up robots electronic toy

4M Wind Up Robots

4M Wind Up Robots Build your own dynamic wind up robots. Wind them up and watch them twirl and move on the table top! Features Dynamic wind up robot

advanced programming kit 181 pieces electronic toy

Advanced Programming Kit: 181 Pieces

Features The S4A Programming Bricks is targeted at teachers and school classes to use as a tool for education and learning. Children and parents can