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anchorman levitating strobe pen desk accessory

Anchorman Levitating Strobe Pen

Novelty pen that floats in a specially designed cradle. Repelling magnetic forces keep the pen suspended in mid air, allowing it to spin with very

breaking bad bullet pens desk accessory

Breaking Bad Bullet Pens

Many say that the pen is mightier than the sword, we say that its mightier than the gun because of our Bullet Pens.

breaking bad gun cylinder pen holder desk accessory

Breaking Bad Gun Cylinder Pen Holder

Shoot from the hip is an idiom meaning speaking directly and honestly. The Gun Cylinder Pen Holder is the perfect marriage of words and armament.

breaking bad moustache cork board desk accessory

Breaking Bad Moustache Cork Board

Smarten up your home with this elegant and debonair Moustache Cork Board.

lego arrow heads pencil erasers desk accessory

Lego Arrow Heads Pencil Erasers

The act of shooting a bow and arrow predates recorded history, but people have been writing things down for ages now, so we can only assume it was

lego boom hole punch desk accessory

Lego Boom Hole Punch

Attack your documents with the Boom Hole Punch and prepare to say goodbye to plain circles.

lego bunny stapler pink desk accessory

Lego Bunny Stapler

Bunnies make everything better. Easter, Children's TV, pet store visits. Our humble rabbit Bunny Stapler will brighten up your desk whether in bright

lego bunny stapler white desk accessory

Lego Bunny Stapler

The Bunny Stapler will brighten up your desk and is sure to make you smile however your day at the office is going.

lego love hole punch desk accessory

Lego Love Hole Punch

Sweeten up your documents with the Love Hole Punch.

lego magnetic sand timer desk accessory

Lego Magnetic Sand Timer

Create awesome magnetic sculptures with the Magnetic Sand Timer.

lego microtape bright ideas desk accessory

Lego Microtape Bright Ideas

Forget the messiness of stamps and the fiddliness of stickers. Our quirky, patterned Microtape make customising cards and brightening up work a

lego microtape flag it up desk accessory

Lego Microtape Flag it up

Forget the messiness of stamps and the fiddliness of stickers. Our quirky, patterned Microtape make customising cards and brightening up work a

lego microtape point it out desk accessory

Lego Microtape Point it out

Forget the messiness of stamps and the fiddliness of stickers. Our quirky, patterned Microtape make customising cards and brightening up work a

lego mighty bright superbright highlighters desk accessory

Lego Mighty Bright Superbright Highlighters

Mighty Bright Superbright Highlighters are overachievers when it comes to living up to their job. While they may not leave your page smelling minty

lego owl tape dispenser desk accessory

Lego Owl Tape Dispenser

The Owl Tape Dispenser is a hoot. Literally.

lego punched out hole punch desk accessory

Lego Punched Out Hole Punch

Spell it out on those documents with our Punched Out Hole Punch.

lego racing grannies desk accessory

Lego Racing Grannies

Possibly the best wind up toy ever invented, the Racing Grannies are to geriatric speedway what Ferrari is to Formula 1.

lego the diy calculator desk accessory

Lego The DIY Calculator

Why do the numbers on telephones go 1,2,3 across the top, but calculators go 7,8,9 Who decides these things The DIY Calculator lets you start with a

lego war on error eraser desk accessory

Lego War on Error Eraser

Born from the happy re phrasing of 1 of the bleakest foreign policies ever, our War on Error Eraser is a rubbery reminder that everyone makes

lego wtf slammer button desk accessory

Lego WTF Slammer Button

Life isnt always simple and sometimes you want to let the world know. The WTF Slammer Button can help with that!

lego x ray pen desk accessory

Lego XRay pen

Never be scared on the dark again! If its a sudden idea you need to write down in the middle of the night, well this little X Ray Pen is perfectly

batman illuminating newton s cradle desk accessory

Batman Illuminating Newton s Cradle

The Illuminating Newton's Cradle is futuristic take on the classic desktop gadget that will have you mesmerised, wasting countless precious hours of

star wars amazeballs mini saucer desk accessory

Star Wars Amazeballs Mini Saucer

The Amazeballs Mini Saucer is a DIY mechanical marble run which is a rather distracting and hypnotic desk toy bound to give your workplace that added

star wars amazeballs mini tornado desk accessory

Star Wars Amazeballs Mini Tornado

The Amazeballs Mini Tornado is a DIY mechanical marble run.

star wars desktop buddha desk accessory

Star Wars Desktop Buddha

If there's ever anything your desk needs, it would have to be the Desktop Buddha. Say hello to instant Zen.

star wars desktop skip desk accessory

Star Wars Desktop Skip

Desks tend to be messy places full of random bits of paper, pens that barely work and just a load of general clutter. Meet our Desktop Skip.

star wars lightsaber pens desk accessory

Star Wars Lightsaber Pens

This set of 2 Star Wars Lightsaber Pens is simply a must have for any fans of Star Wars!

star wars monster paperclip holder desk accessory

Star Wars Monster Paperclip Holder

Don't be afraid! This cool monster doesn't want to destroy your village! The Monster Paperclip Holder has only 2 desires to hang out on your desk and

star wars penny farthing tape dispenser desk accessory

Star Wars Penny Farthing Tape Dispenser

Give your office desk that vintage era look with the retro Vintage Office Penny Farthing Tape Dispenser.

star wars r2d2 projector pen desk accessory

Star Wars R2D2 Projector Pen

Send encoded messages to the Jedi Masters using this clever Star Wars R2D2 Projector Pen.

star wars retro calculator desk accessory

Star Wars Retro Calculator

The adding machine that fits on your desktop. Back in the day, calculators took up a lot more space on a desktop. With a design that harks back to

vw desk shed stationery organiser desk accessory

VW Desk Shed Stationery Organiser

Every man needs a shed, a Desk Shed that is! If you cant install 1 at the end of the garden, put the Desk Shed Stationery Organiser on your desk

vw genius paperclip holder desk accessory

VW Genius Paperclip Holder

As the great genius once said... What is life without paperclips Okay, perhaps not but its true! Keep your paperclips safe while recreating a gravity

vw high stylers highlighters desk accessory

VW High Stylers Highlighters

When something is REALLY IMPORTANT its REALLY IMPORTANT you make a statement. Combining the stylish and bright looking nail varnish bottles with the

vw lippy markers desk accessory

VW Lippy Markers

The quickest way any self respecting It Girl can get her thoughts down is by scrawling them across a mirror with her stick of ruby red. We checked

vw usb desk fan black desk accessory

VW USB Desk Fan

Stay cool in the office and at home with the USB Desk Fan Black.

vw vitapens highlighters desk accessory

VW Vitapens Highlighters

Add a healthy dose of colour to your work with our Vitapens Highlighters.

vw wand erasers desk accessory

VW Wand Erasers

Now you see it, now you dont! Its kind of magical when you think about it making mistakes written in pencil disappear with the rub of an eraser. Make

lego world s smallest vacuum desk accessory

Lego World s Smallest Vacuum

The tiniest speck will be sucked into oblivion and the smallest of crevices cleaned thanks to the epic powers of the Worlds Smallest Vacuum.

star wars galileo s pendulum desk accessory

Star Wars Galileo s Pendulum

We've all heard of Newton's ball swinging party trick his cradle, ahem , but now it's Galileo's turn to wow you with a hypnotic desktop distraction

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