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schmincke soft pastel wooden case set of 45 art supply

Schmincke Soft Pastel Wooden Case Set of 45

Unmatched in their softness and consistency, Schmincke soft pastels are created using the finest artist's pigments and a minimum of binders. The

golden acrylic bottle fluid primary magenta 119ml art supply

Golden Acrylic Bottle Fluid Primary Magenta

Fluid Acrylics contain high pigment levels suspended in an acrylic polymer vehicle. The result offers fine dispersion, high tinting strength,

derwent watercolour pencils 12 set in metal tin art supply

Derwent Watercolour Pencils 12 Set in Metal Tin

Derwent Watercolour can be used wet or dry, on wet or dry paper, to achieve a wide variety of effects. Soft in texture so easy to blend and layer.

daler rowney artists soft pastel sepia 3 art supply

Daler Rowney Artists Soft Pastel Sepia 3

Daler Rowney are acknowledged as the world masters in the making of artists pastels and to complement the range of almost 200 tints, there are

cornelissen dry pigment lamp black 500g bag art supply

Cornelissen Dry Pigment

This fine artist pigment should be mixed with drying oils to create oil paint. Please note that gloves and masks should be worn during this process.

mijello 18 well folding plastic palette blue art supply

Mijello 18 Well Folding Plastic Palette

Folding palette with 18 wells, a removable tray mixing area and a clip closure. The lid has a rubber ring for a perfect airtight seal. Dimensions 270

fabriano artistico block traditional rough 5x7 art supply

Fabriano Artistico Block Traditional

Fabriano Artistico watercolour paper is mould made, produced with 100% cotton, chlorine and acid free, guaranteeing long conservation and

old holland watercolour scheveningen yellow deep 6ml art supply

Old Holland Watercolour Scheveningen Deep

1 of the unique characteristics of these watercolours is the unparalleled colour strength maximum pigmentation . And while this high colour strength

handover flat thin ox hair lacquer brush 1 art supply

Handover Flat Thin Ox Hair Lacquer Brush

A range of flat brushes in genuine golden ox hair for laying large areas of wash, glazes, lacquers etc.

winsor and newton watercolour marker hookers green art supply

Winsor & Newton Watercolour Marker Hooker's

Winsor Newton Watercolour Markers are highly pigmented, lightfast, water based pens. They deliver the performance of Winsor Newton Watercolour with

handover pounce powder 100 g black art supply

Handover Pounce Powder 100 g

This is a superior pounce powder blended for the professional sign and graphic artist. Available in black or white.

mount vision soft pastel dark brown 580 art supply

Mount Vision Soft Pastel Dark 580

Mount Vision soft pastels are hand made by Karl Kelly using the finest traditional and synthetic pigments combined with a base of chalk, talc and

acrylicos vallejo textile paint mint 200ml art supply

Acrylicos Vallejo Textile Paint Mint

Best results are obtained on cloth made of natural fibres such as cotton or linen, but excellent results can also be achieved on synthetic fabrics.

sennelier soft pastel persian red 781 art supply

Sennelier Soft Pastel Persian 781

All tones are made up of delicate shade gradients, tending towards white.Their comfortable handling and large contact surface allow large areas to be

blue earth soft pastel red r6c art supply

Earth Soft Pastel R6C

Only lightfast, high density mineral pigments are used in the manufacture of Blue Earth Pastels. The pastels are almost square in shape and are on

talens ecoline liquid watercolour ink 30ml pastel red art supply

Talens Ecoline Liquid Watercolour Ink

Talens Ecoline Watercolour Ink is a bright resettable range of inks that comes in a 30ml glass jar the pipette makes it easy to use allowing

caran dache fibralo water soluble brush pen lilac art supply

Caran Dache Fibralo Water Soluble Brush Pen

When it comes to the Fibralo range of fibre tipped pens, the Maison Caran d'Ache has created a medium of choice for colour enthusiasts. Filled with

da vinci black sable series 1845 size 0 art supply

Da Vinci Sable

Black Sable Oil painting brush.Russian black sable hair. So called silver ferrule. Long maroon polished handles. Standard sizes No. 0 to No.

derwent xl graphite raw umber art supply

Derwent Xl Graphite Raw Umber

From sensitive line work and subtle blending, to expressive marks and deep tonal work, Derwent XL Graphite is smooth and refined. The chunky shape is

ara acrylic paint 250 ml naples yellow extra art supply

Ara Acrylic Paint 250 ml Naples Extra

Ara Acrylics Rietveld Academy is an acrylic developed at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. The high pigmentation delivers pure colours posessing

fabriano artistico block extra white rough 14x20 art supply

Fabriano Artistico Block Extra

Fabriano Artistico watercolour paper is mould made, produced with 100% cotton, chlorine and acid free, guaranteeing long conservation and

daniel smith watercolour permanent red deep s1 15ml art supply

Daniel Smith Watercolour Permanent Deep S1

Permanent Red Deep PR170 F5RK is a deep, warm red. This product diffuses exceptionally well when added to water. The soft, delicate edges produced

fabriano artistico block traditional not 14x20 art supply

Fabriano Artistico Block Traditional

Fabriano Artistico watercolour paper is mould made, produced with 100% cotton, chlorine and acid free, guaranteeing long conservation and

turner artists watercolour paint 15ml bronze art supply

Turner Artist's Watercolour Paint 15ml Bronze

Turner's concentrated Artists' Watercolours combine the finest pure pigments with gum arabic to achieve the highest of lightfast ratings and superb

marabu textil painter yellow 1 2mm art supply

Marabu Textil Painter

A water based fabric pen for school, hobby, leisure use. The pen is suitable for almost all light coloured, non finished textiles free of

fabriano artistico block traditional hp 18x24 10 sheets art supply

Fabriano Artistico Block Traditional

Fabriano Artistico watercolour paper is mould made, produced with 100% cotton, chlorine and acid free, guaranteeing long conservation and

turner acrylic gouache paint 20ml 18 colour set art supply

Turner Acrylic Gouache Paint 20ml 18 Colour Set

Turner Acryl Gouache are opaque paints which dry quickly to a matte finish. Manufactured in Japan, they are coloured with extremely finely ground

derwent procolour colour pencil plum 15 art supply

Derwent Procolour Colour Pencil

Derwent Procolour Pencils feature extremely high levels of pigment saturation yet still have a firm tip which can retain a sharp point. They are

daniel smith watercolour tigers eye genuine b s2 15ml art supply

Daniel Smith Watercolour Tigers Eye Genuine B S2

Tiger's Eye Genuine is a olive brownish gold colour. Made from tiger's eye gemstones, this paint is very transparent and non staining, as well as

caran dache eco gouache 500ml burnt sienna art supply

Caran d'Ache Eco Gouache

The Caran d'Ache Eco Gouache range contains 18 colours of solvent and allergen free, opaque and matt drying gouache paints, plus 4 fluorescent

modern essentials cut foil and emboss die nesting scalloped craft supply

Modern Essentials Cut Foil and Emboss Die Nesting Scalloped Circles

It is now possible to create and cut stunning foiled and letterpressed designs with Couture Creations Cut and Foil Dies! Create stunning mixed media

winsor and newton brush pro marker amethyst art supply

Winsor & Newton Brush Marker Amethyst

Adding versatility to your drawing and illustration practice, the Winsor Newton BrushMarker provides the ultimate in precise and flexible line

daniel smith watercolour quinacridone red sticks art supply

Daniel Smith Watercolour Quinacridone

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolour Sticks offer the same superior intensity as the Daniel Smith line of Extra Fine Watercolour paints with the

schmincke horadam watercolour charcoal grey 5ml art supply

Schmincke Horadam Watercolour Charcoal

Pigment Lamp blackLightfastness Opacity OpaqueDescription Brownish greyblack, pigmented with lamp black. Residues of incomplete combustion of organic

blockx watercolour paynes grey giant pan art supply

Blockx Watercolour Paynes

Blockx Watercolours are made using only lightfast pigments to insure stability because watercolour is a naturally fragile medium. The most intense

daler rowney fw ink pearl platinum pink 295ml art supply

Daler Rowney FW Ink Pearl Platinum

FW Artists' Ink is an acrylic based, pigmented, water resistant ink on most surfaces in a range of 38 colours, all of which have either a 3 or 4 star

williamsburg oil colour canton rose 37ml art supply

Williamsburg Oil Colour Canton Rose

Each colour is ground to enhance the beauty and luminosity specific to that particular pigment. Some colours will feel slightly gritty others

old holland classic oil cerulean blue light 40ml art supply

Old Holland Classic Oil Cerulean Light

Pigment classification Oxides of cobalt an tinColour index PB35Colour index number 77368Lightfastness Lightfast pigment according to ASTM category 1

apple vallejo textile paint 200ml green art supply

Apple Vallejo Textile Paint 200ml

Vallejo Textile Paint 200ml Apple Green

apple vallejo textile paint 60ml green art supply

Apple Vallejo Textile Paint 60ml

Vallejo Textile Paint 60ml Apple Green