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astrum ap500 android streaming cortex a53 media player

Astrum AP500 Android Streaming Media Player Cortex A53

Turns regular LCD or LED TV to HD media streaming TV box. Android 6.0 based supports upto 4K ultra HD resolution for a perfect visual experience,

astrum tv110 analog tv tuner pal ipal bgsecamntsc media player

Astrum TV110 Analog USB TV Tuner Stick PAL I/PALBG/SECAM/NTSC

MaterialABSOS CompatibilityWindows 7 / 8 / 10Video FormatMPEG1/2. VCD DVDSupportPAL I / PAL BG / PAL DK / SECAM and NTSCDimensions8.8 x 2.7 x 0.8cm L

atv1900 pro android media player

MyGica ATV1900 PRO Android Media Player

Firmware / Operation SystemAndroid 5.1 quad core Android TV boxYoutube TV With Youtube TV version support which give you 1080P and 4K2K Ultra HD

dstv connector explora media player

DStv WiFi Connector for DStv Explora

The DStv WiFi Connector allows customers to easily link their DStv Exploras to the internet for more features including DStv Catch Up Plus, Remote

dstv wifi connector usb3000 for explora

Dstv Wifi Connector For Explora

Extend wireless coverage with AirTouch Connects to your existing wireless router and creates a second wireless coverage area.Wireless internet for a

geniatech mygica atv495x 4k2k ultra hd quad core wireless

MY GICA Geniatech MyGica ATV495X 4K2K Ultra HD Quad Core Wireless

Video Resolution 4K 60fps ,2K,1080p 60fps ,1080i,720p,720i,576p,576i,486p,486i Video Playback Codec MPEG 1/2/4,H.265,H.264,VC 1,WMV,AVI,MKV,MOV Video

genius dpf 102k 1 digital photo keychain clock media player

Genius DPF102K 1" Digital Photo Keychain Clock

Red, 1 inch Digital Photo Keychain Clock CalenderPhoto edit softwarePhoto Slide showPlayback file format JPEG/BMP

giada remote control for i39bi53b

Giada Remote Control for I39B|I53B


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mygica atv 1900pro quad 4k hd android 51 tv streaming box

MyGica ATV1900PRO Quad 4K HD Android 5.1 TV Streaming Box Remote Co

The MyGica ATV 1900 PRO is MyGica's most powerful Quad Core CPU, Pentecore GPU Android TV box to date. The 1900 PRO simply connects to your HDMI

mygica atv1960 octa core android 60 tv box premium

MY GICA MyGica ATV1960 Octa Core Android 6.0 TV Box Premium Streaming

Octa Core Processor Internal 2.5SATA HDD Voice Search 4K HDR 10 3GB DDR4 RAM 16GB Memory Octa Core Android 6.0 TV BoxMyGica ATV1960 is a powerful

mygica atv329x android 60 marshmallow tv box

MY GICA MyGica ATV329X Android 6.0 Marshmallow TV Box

Don t be fooled by the diminutive size of the ATV 329X. With serious upgrades in our small form factor Android Box, MyGica succeeds in achieving the

mygica atv329x android 60 quad core ddr3 emmc 2 x usb 20

MyGica ATV329X Android 6.0 QuadCore DDR3 2GB 8GB eMMC 2 x USB 2.0

The Mygica ATV329X is the next generation Powered by AndroidTM TV Box. With ample processing power and HDMI 2.0 to stream 4K video, which enables the

Media Player

The Media Player Revolution

We live in a digitally driven world where entertainment is at your finger tips and everything is online...all the time. With LCD and Plasma television pricing decreasing and home theatre systems in practically every living room in the country, its seems like the best place to sit back and enjoy your favourite program.

Individual entertainment machines like DVD players, tablets PCs and desktop computers work fine but the endless connection of wires and cables can become tiresome and inconvenient. You need a single device that can house your favourite movies and music or show galleries of personal photos on the fly.

Enter media player magic

A TV media player, emphasis on "TV" as media players are available as software or hardware, can be define was the device for playing almost any digital media format on a TV or home theatre system. Think of the media player as a digital shopping centre, where your movie and music files are on your left and right aisles allowing with any other video and audio format; everything easily within reach of your shopping basket as you walking around towards the store.

You can load all your personal videos from a camcorder or high quality shots from a compact camera or encode your DVD box sets from your computer, it doesn't matter what the format or size of these files are, a media player will play it seamlessly.

Media players can play virtually any media file formats available. AVI, MKV, MOV, VOB, MPEG 1/2/4, DivX, ISO, RMVB, M2TS, MP4, MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, MPA, OGG, DTS, TrueHD and so much more. It doesn't matter if you have a CRT, LCD or Plasma TV in standard (720p) or high-definition (1080p)

Choose the best storage for a media player

Their number of great ways to give your media player that extra leg room to store all you media files. The most common is the installing of an internal hard drive which sits comfortably inside your media player or you can use external storage options like; USB flash drives, external hard drives, removable memory cards and more.

Media players with network capabilities can access a local area network (LAN) via a network port. This option allows the media player to access media files that stored directly on a home computer or laptop. Some media players have extra features and settings pre-installed so connections can be made easier.

Shopping for a Media player online

The media player is truly a "jack of all trades", specializing in video, audio and photo functionality. The device is lightweight, compact, easy to use and is becoming affordable enough for anyone own one. The most popular brand of media players are Western Digital and Mede8er, but other brands have also increased in sales and demand.

Do yourself a favour and get a single device that can satisfy all your entertainment needs. OneShop is place to choose the best media player at the best prices from our top online retailers in S.A

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