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Reading books has been a pass time that has been enjoyed over thousands of years by millions of people, whether it is to enrich your mind with new information, educational purposes or simply to get lost in a different world with fictional characters. With today's technological advancements the way we read books has undergone a drastic change with the development of eBook Readers. With an eBook Reader you can easily and conveniently access millions of books for either entertainment or education.

What is an eBook Reader

An eBook Reader also called an eBook Device or eReader, is basically a portable device that is mainly designed for the use of reading eBooks also called digital books, which is a electronic version of a book. You do not only have access to one book but with your eBook Reader you can access the vast majority of eBooks online.

The eBook Reader is basically a small computer that gives you access to the world of books, you no longer have to order books online and wait for them to be delivered, drive to the library or go to the book shop, you can simply purchase and download eBooks directly from your eBook Reader or download free eBooks.

An eBook reader is similar in shape and style to a tablet computer but has better readability on its screen especially in bright sunlight with longer battery life. eBook Readers make use of electronic paper technology to display the reading content on their screens which is easier to read and clearer than that of tablet computers.

Advantages of Ebook readers

Many book lovers have been hesitant to switch from holding a physical book in their hands to holding an eBook Reader and reading eBooks. There are many different brands of eBook Readers available with different features and a wide selection of prices. All these eBook Readers come with many benefits that conventional paperback books cannot offer.

Portability & Convenience

You can carry your eBook Reader with you where ever you go, with the advantage of being able to take numerous books with you. The eBook Reader is a portable library with all your favourite books in the palm of your hand. With the clever electronic paper technology you can read where ever you go whether it is at the airport, on the beach, next to the pool or even at home you can enjoy your books in crisp clarity. eBooks also have promoted reading among kids and teens since the device is attractive to younger users and fun to use.

Eco Friendly

Downloading eBooks, magazines and newspapers is much more eco friendly than purchasing traditional paperback books. If more people make use of eBook Readers less books would need to be printed and publishers might even be encouraged to make use of recycled paper.

Support Audiobooks and other features

eBook Readers are easy to use and have a wide variety of features and applications aside from reading. You can listen to books while driving or simply when you don't feel like reading with the speech to text feature that most eBook Readers have. You can subscribe to magazines and newspapers which you can read on your eReader. You can also enlarge text if you struggle to see, making it possible to read for longer periods of time and for people with weak eye sight to enjoy reading. With the long battery life you can read with no interruption.

Ebooks are cheaper

Purchasing an eBook Reader might seem more expensive than simply buying traditional books, but you save money over the long run when purchasing eBooks which are much cheaper than printed novels. Textbooks are probably the most expensive books available compared to novels and even recipe books but buying digital textbooks can cost up to a third of the price of traditional textbooks, so students can save more.

Types of ebook readers

eBook Reader technology is constantly improving and changing. You get black and white eBook readers, colour screen readers, touch screen readers and a variety of features depending on the brand that you choose. The main competing eBook brands are the popular Kindle which is manufactured by Amazon, the Nook eReader which is developed by Barnes and Noble and the iRiver eBook Reader. Some people like to compare the Kindle and other eBook Readers to the ipad or other tablets but an important point to remember is that eBook readers are specifically developed for reading content for long periods of time and has special Eink technology which tablets do not have.

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