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Not only do shoes provide our feet with protection but they are fashion statements as well, which have changed enormously in style, colours and features numerous times over the years. We decorate our feet with shoes, make fashion statement and some collect shoes while others are purely practical and wear them for what they are made to do, to protect your feet while running around from one daily activity to the next. Fashion has determined many design elements, such as high heels, sneakers or wedge heels constantly introducing new designs. Modern footwear varies extremely in style, complexity, cost and purpose.

It is crazy to think that shoes have not always been worn by most of the world's population due to it being expensive. With the mass production of shoes it was made affordable and available to all making shoe-wearing the norm.


Sandals the earliest known shoes dates as far back as 8000 to 7000 BC and the oldest leather shoe which was made out of cowhide with leather cord laces was found in Armenia and dates back to 3,500 BC. Fancy shoes became a status symbol as Europe gained wealth and power. The toe of the shoes became long and pointed and was ridiculously proportioned. With the advances of rubber, plastic and synthetic cloth allowed manufacturers to create shoes that if far from the traditional methods. Leather is reserved for more expensive and smart shoes.

More than Footwear

Shoes have also played a big role in some of the most beloved fairy tales such as Cinderella with her glass slippers, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with Dorothy's red shoes, The Elves and Shoemaker and The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe. For many years red shoes had a bad reputation and connotation with impure women. It was frowned upon to have red shoes or to even wear red shoes in public. Then there is the black court shoes that was sturdy made for women who spent long hours on their feet in the respectable work industries.

Shoe manufacturers such as Reebok developed new technologies for theirs athletic shoes to increase toning and weight loss as well as return energy to the athlete. Nike shoes got their name from the Greek mythology goddess Nike who was the goddess of victory thus the Nike slogan "just do it" is very fitting.

There is so many different types of shoes available on the market but we have managed to find an occasion and a purpose for each. There is ballet shoes, ballroom shoes and tap shoes for the dance industry. A variety of athletic shoes casual men shoes and women shoes and then we have special wedding shoes. With so many shoes to choose from it is easy to see why we have different reasons and purposes for different shoe styles.

Buying Shoes Online

On OneShop we have a great selection of shoes for you to choose from ranging from stilettos, pumps, moccasins, dress shoes all the way through to athletic running shoes. We compare prices from the best online stores, list the top brands so that you can find the perfect pair of shoes and put your best foot forward.

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