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Coffee Machines

About Coffee

Coffee is the second most traded product in the world after petroleum and is the second most popular drink after water. So it is easy to say that coffee is a drink loved by all. The legend of coffee is that Ethiopian shepherds noticed the effects of the caffeine in the coffee beans after their goats ate it and became energetic, frisky and appearing to dance.

Coffee Brewing History

Making a cup of coffee has been a simple process for hundreds of years by placing roasted coffee beans to a pot with hot water followed by a lid so that the flavours can infuse. The first modern method of brewing coffee, called the drip brewing, is more than 125 years old with little design changes of the years. Over the years many different coffee making methods and machines have been developed such as the percolator, vacuum brewers, French press, electric drip coffeemakers and more advanced espresso machines.

Electric Drip coffeemakers

Drip coffeemakers works by admitting cold water from a water holder through a flexible hose, the water gets heated then through induced pressure gets transferred to a spray head that sprays the water onto the ground coffee. The coffee then passes through a filter and drips into the coffee pot below. Today's modern drip coffeemakers have improved the spray head, better heating elements with the addition of timers and clocks for automatic start. You can now set your drip coffeemaker to start brewing your coffee at a set time in the morning so that you can wake up to the fresh coffee aromas filtering from the kitchen to give you the kick start you need for the day.

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Espresso machines

The first espresso machine was built and patented in 1884 by Angelo Moriondo but the espresso machine was improved in 1901 and in 1905 the design was bought over and produced for commercial use in Milan. Since then there have been many different espresso machine designs with many sharing common elements. The taste of the espresso can be varied by simply changing the fineness of the grind, the amount on pressure used to tamp the grind or the machine pressure. There are four main types of espresso machines; steam driven, piston driven, air pump driven and pump driven.

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Choosing coffeemakers or coffee machines

When choosing a coffee maker or coffee machine for your home there are a few things to take into consideration such as your budget, cupboard space, the type of coffee you enjoy; whether it is strong coffee or more aromatic coffee, as well as the type of coffee you will be using, ground or the beans. You should also think of the features you would like your coffee machine to have, do you enjoy making lattes, cappuccinos and other speciality coffees?

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