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MPower Menstrual Cup Product Description

The South African manufactured MPower 8806086268318 menstrual cup, which comes in 2 sizes, is a menstrual management solution for all women. The Mcup is made from medically approved silicone in an FDA certified factory in Cape Town. Please note 100% pure silicone no impurities like colour . Local design and manufacture ensures safety and design standards are monitored and controlled by the owner. The storage bag provided with each Mcup is manufactured by a community project based in Ottery, Western Cape. Proudly SA registered company 1 Mcup is the equivalent of 1 200 pads Available in 2 sizes Antibacterial, entirely non absorbent and is not associated with TSS toxic shock syndrome or with other infections like cystitis or candida thrush Cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to pads and tampons Menstrual cups can be used by all women, even before first sexual intercourse and in conjunction with an IUD or contraceptive diaphragm holds up to 3 times more fluid than the average tampon or pad reusable so no need for regularly purchasing, using and disposing of traditional sanitary ware Easy to clean as the lining is totally smooth and the tab is flat. Can be worn during sports and at night Needs to be changed less frequently than even the highest absorbency tampons and can be worn overnight Odourless and entirely invisible with no strings Comfortable as it is made from soft flexible silicone rubber Convenient to carry in your bag, nothing to throw away or to run out of Safe to use before the onset of menstruation so ensures maximum preparation Ideal for an active lifestyle and for active sports such as running, gym, yoga and swimming Provides more reliable protection as it opens to form a suction seal that resists leakage Standard flow Mcup Capacity 27 ml Diameter 42mm Length 50 mm Length incl stem 65mm Light flow Mcup Capacity 18ml Diameter 39mm Length 45mm Leng incl stem 60mm

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