Hard City Elite Organic Pure Pine Pollen

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Hard City Elite Organic Pure Pine Pollen Product Description

Pine Pollen Is The Superfood Of The Future, It Has Been Gaining Popularity In The USA Since 2012. No Other Superfood Is Like It Or Can Match Its Hardcore List Of Nutrients. Pine Pollen Has Over 200 Bio Available Nutrients, Including Over 20 Different Amino Acids Including All 9 Essential Amino Acids , 15 Different Vitamins, Over 30 Different Micro Macro Minerals, And Over 100 Other Biologically Active And Important Compounds, Including Many Living Enzymes And Co enzymes, Flavonoids, Nucleic Acids, Saccharides, And Unsaturated Fatty Acids. Unlike Isolated And Synthesized Supplements, The Nutritional Compounds Found In Pine Pollen Occur Naturally, In Their Complete And Active State. The Amino Acid Profile Of Pine Pollen Is Greater Than That Found In Bee Pollen, And In Many Foods, Including Eggs And Beef, And The Composition Of Its Essential Amino Acids. Pine Pollen Is Adored For Its Phyto androgens, Similar To Testosterone, And Its Balancing Effect On Both Androgenic And Estrogenic Hormones. It Is Also Renowned For Strengthening The Entire Endocrine System And Supporting Libido Function. Pine Pollen Contains The Pro androgenic Phytosterols And Adaptogenic Compounds That Many Are Looking For To Promote Increased Immune Function And Overall Energy. It Provides Fundamental Rejuvenation And Deep Nutritive Qualities. Key Benefits Include Increases Strength, Energy And Endurance Rich In Essential Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Amino Acids, Enzymes, Hormone Precursors Restores And Balances Hormone Levels In Men And Women Longevity And Anti aging Properties Enhances Sexual Vitality, Libido, Pleasure And Performance Increases Cognitive Functioning And Brain Health Increases Metabolism And Weight Loss What's in the box 250 gram glass jar

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