FUJITSU fi-65F A6 Compact Flatbed Image Scanner

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FUJITSU fi-65F A6 Compact Flatbed Image Scanner Product Description

Scan A6 sized 4.1 x 5.8 grayscale documents in as little as 1 second with the fi 65F Image Scanner from Fujitsu. This compact flatbed features an optical resolution of 600 dpi and has a color scan speed of 1.7 seconds when connected to AC power. Color depth is good with a 24 bit rating and 256 grayscale levels. Additionally, the unit is capable of handling about 100 scans each day. The compact, lightweight fi 65F scanner is ideal for busy office and retail environments. It quickly scans important, small documents like passports, IDs, prescriptions, driving licences, customer and medical cards and photographs, and seamlessly integrates with virtually any line of business application LoB . The fi 65F weighs less than 1kg and has an impressively small footprint of only 145 x 234mm, making it ideally suited for even the smallest desktop, reception, check in desk or cashier booth. It can even be built into the counter top. The device features high speed USB 2.0 connectivity, outstanding performance and easy installation. The scanner can be powered through a second USB port on the computer it can be used easily even in mobile environments where an AC power supply is unavailable. The fi 65F is able to scan A6 sized document in 1 second. Furthermore, only 0.5 seconds are needed to start scanning. Rapid start up means customers will not have to wait at the counter. The Fujitsu fi 65F increases user productivity with fast, 1 second image capture at 200 dpi and coverless scanning. When full detail is needed, the Fujitsu fi 65F delivers clean, crisp scans up to 148 x 105 mm in colour, greyscale or monochrome with true, 600 dpi optical resolution. Colour scans take just 1.7 seconds at 200 dpi. Coverless scanning eliminates the repetitive task of opening and closing the cover before and after each scan. Simply place documents on the flatbed, press the Scan button and scan! Auto cropping functions optimise the scan size, which helps to conserve storage resources, and auto deskew orientates the scanned image to the correct orientation regardless of how the original is placed on the flatbed. Included TWAIN and ISIS drivers simplify integration and boost productivity right from the start.Featuring the most up to date software, the fi 65F incorporates PaperStream IP the new TWAIN/ISIS driver based processing and enhancement extension for Fujitsu imaging scanners, which produces high quality images in a fast and simple manner. Advanced black and white processing ensures highly accurate OCR results and high quality colour or monochrome image data can be created without defining scanner settings in advance, as PaperStream IP will process to visibly best image results automatically.Fujitsu's new image capturing software PaperStream Capture improves the efficiency of scanning. Together with the 1 touch scan button, this advanced image capture software greatly improves end to end image capture speed and productivit Model fi 65FFunctional SpecificationsScanning Technology Colour Contact Image Sensor CIS with RGB LED variable light sourceResolution 50 600 dpi selectable in 1dpi increments 600 optical Output format Colour 24 bitGreyscale 8 bitMono 1 bitDocument Size Flatbed maximum A6 148 x 105 mm Scanning SpeedsAC adapter Colour at 200 dpi 1.7sMonochrome/Greyscale at 200/300 dpi 1.0sUSB Bus powered Colour at 200 dpi 2.0sMonochrome/Greyscale at 200/300 dpi 2.0sBundled Software PaperStream IP TWAIN driver, PaperStream IP TWAINx64 driver, PaperStream IP ISIS driver, PaperStream Capture, Software operation panelFunctions Image emphasis, simplified DTC, error diffusion, dither, moire removal, auto de skew, auto cropping, dropout colour R, G, B, None Interface High Speed USB 2.0 USB 1.1 supported , B type connector Physical SpecificationsDimensions Width x Depth x Height 145 x 234 x 40 mmWeight 0.9kgHumidity operating 20% 80% non condensing Power Consumption Power cable connection Operating mode 8 W or lessSleep mode Less than 2 W or lessAuto standby off mode 0.5 W or lessUSB bus power Operating mode 5 W or lessSleep mode Less than 2 W or lessAuto standby off mode 0.5 W or lessPower Requirement AC 100 240 V, 10% / 10%Operating Temperature 5degC 35degCEnvironmental compliance ENERGY STAR and RoHS

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