Cooler Master - MasterPulse Over-Ear Gaming Headset with Bass FX

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Cooler Master - MasterPulse Over-Ear Gaming Headset with Bass FX Product Description

MasterPulse is a stylish over ear headset, equipped with virtual7.1 channel surround sound and Cooler Master patented Bass FXtechnology for 2 easy to switch sound modes. It has a comfortablelightweight design, includes an in line dedicated sound card, RGBilluminated ear cups and 3 1 equalizer profiles.
Ear Cups Full Of Color
RGB LEDs in the ear cups offer multi color illumination allowingyou to adjust the overall look either based on your rig's colorscheme or your outfit.
Illumination can be adjusted via the in line control box with thesimple press of a button. Choose your ideal color or just let themcycle
What is Bass FX
Imagine Bass FX as being an easy to use voice changer for yourears. When the panels are removed, sound opens up and the qualityof lower frequencies is significantly enhanced. This can be seen,or heard, by the noticeably enriched bass tones. When the panelsare on, the MasterPulse will provide you with clear and balancedsound at normal bass levels.
Side panels also increase isolation, reducing the sound heard bythose around you.
Enjoy the natural sound of voices, effects in open spaces andclearer spatial orientation. Distinguish where the footsteps ofyour enemies are coming from faster so you can shoot first. Bringgame worlds to life through your ears. You'll never want to fasttravel again.
Listening to music and don't want certain instruments drowned out Put the side panels on for a crisp, clean symphony of notes.
Extreme Comfort
A lightweight aluminum frame equipped with a flexible headbandprovides comfort for even the longest listening sessions. Fiveindividual cushions provide a better fit and feel for your head.Extra padded ear cups provide a higher level of comfort whileblocking unwanted external noise. Cups can also be removed.
Sound card with in line control box
ADJUST VOLUMEMICROPHONE ON / OFFCONTROL LED ILLUMINATIONTOGGLE 7.1SURROUND SOUNDSWITCH EQUALIZER PROFILESOn board sound card and 44mmdrivers provide superior performance with virtual 7.1 surroundsound. Let the dedicated sound card do the audio processing andtake the demand off your computer.

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