Top 5 PS Vita Games

So you saved up for the most anticipated launch of the year, the PS Vita gaming console. Features and apps are all brilliant and the hardware is top-notch but it's time to get your game on; what should you purchase first. Better yet, what is the best PS Vita title available?

The following 5 PS Vita games are by no means the very best, just the most popular to launch title.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

Nathan Drake is back and this time on a smaller screen. On his quest to find the legendary "Lost City", he instead finds himself in a heap of Spanish trouble.

Set in exotic Central American jungle, drake discovers a terrible secret dating back 400 years around time of a Spanish expedition to the mysterious Lost City. Caught between a dangerous rivalry between old "friends" and the trail to the ancient city, Drake will go on the ride of his life to edge of the Golden Abyss and beyond.

Wipeout 2048

The fast-paced, futurist racing is heading to PS Vita and looking as good as ever. As one of the first wipeout games on the Vita console, the game will bring new elements to series that can only be utilized on the PS Vita's functionality.

A new innovative control system will be introduced like touch-sensitive weapon firing, using the rear touch-pad for acceleration and tilt movement controls using to the improved accelerometers and sensors on the Vita.

With the PS Vita's high-definition graphics, game levels will look fantastic and highly detailed. Showing off city architecture and track design magnificent textures and tracks will be wider for more high-speed racing action.

FIFA football

Fans of the FIFA franchise will be glad to see another instalment being released on the PS Vita system. Choose your favourite team and go head-to-head with the world's finest soccer teams. Over 500 officially licensed clubs can be selected where games can be played on authentic real-world stadiums.

Dribble, lob, pass and shoot your way to victory with unmatched FIFA gameplay. Experience professional moves, responsive ball control and intelligent A.I players much like you'll get on the console counter-part, fully realised on the potable PS Vita.

Gravity Rush

Welcome the floating town of Heksville, a mysterious town that's under siege by dark Nevi creatures and a dangerous Gravity Storm. You play a character called Kat, a girl who has lost her memory and is looking for answers.

On your travels you'll discover the power to control gravity itself, in an effort to protect a the people of Heksville and to find her patch in a world falling apart. Her abilities can be used by moving and titling the Vita thanks to the gyroscope and accelerometers. Kat and walk on walks fly around and even use the gravity to fight her enemies.

Escape Plan

Get ready to use your wits and cunning to solve the crazy puzzles and find the perfect escape plan. Featuring two unorthodox characters, Lil and Laarg, who will need your skill, intelligence and brainpower to help them navigate a series of dark traps and puzzles and on to freedom.

Escape Plan utilizes the PS Vita's multi-touch display, rear touch pad controls and other machines to move your two friends through the maze of puzzles and secret areas. Use the Vita's exclusive gesture-controlled system to direct a safe patch through the "booby-traps" or interact with objects in and around the environment.

Will you safely guide Lil and Laarg through the dangerous puzzles or will you stray off the path and lead them to their doom...?

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