Top 5 Must Have Roadtrip Essentials

As South African lockdown regulations are relaxed, the tourism industry is slowing reopening. If you are a keen roadtripper in South Africa be sure to add these items to your list before you embark on a trip.


1. GPS

When you're on holiday nothing is more frustrating than struggling to find your destination. Maybe you are in desperate need of a hot cup of coffee or maybe you simply cannot find the campsite you are staying at, even though you were there just an hour ago. The solution to your problem is a well equipped GPS with the ability to work without needing cellphone signal. There are many GPS units that can be purchased depending on your  requirements and one should compare options throughly. It is also worth looking into a GPS equipped with a dashcam as these have proven themselves time and time again by capturing critical moments.


You can browse the GPS units here:


2. Leatherman or other Multitool


When travelling across South Africa you need to expect the unexpected and nothing will help you handle these situations better than a multitool. Leatherman is a best seller and has long been known for their amazing products with outstanding build quality. Generally speaking a well equipped multitool features a Needle nose Pliers, Regular Pliers, Hard-wire Cutters, Wire Cutters, One or more knives, Package Opener, Can Opener, Bottle Opener, Metal/Wood File and various screwdrivers. 


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3. First Aid Kit


Safety is a top priority and although many cars come equipped with first aid kits, most do not. A good first aid kit can truly be a life saver in an emergency even in the hands of someone with little to no first aid experience. There are various first aid kits that can be purchased and it is important to make sure the first aid kit you purchase has the required medical stock needed in an emergency. These are the recommended items that should be in your first aid kit: Multiple first aid dressings/bandages, anitseptic sachets or swabs, plasters, gloves, burnshield, CPR mouth to mouth device, rescue blanket (foil). 


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4. Travel Pillow


Perhaps the most simple and affordable essential on our list is a travel pillow. A travel pillow is generally a "u" shaped soft pillow that can go around your neck either for comfort and support when travelling or to make sleeping in a car more comfortable. Travel pillows are available in an impressive array of types and colours with a wide variety of soft materials. 


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5. Camera


If you are travelling through our beautiful country you will no doubt come across some stunning scenery that will make for an excellent photograph or video. If your cellphones' camera doesn't quite cut it, you should consider purchasing a digital camera. There are many options for cameras catering for video, photo or both and  you should weigh up your options in order to make an informed decision. A common choice for travelling is an entry level action camera such as a GoPro that can be used underwater as well if the opportunity arises. 


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