The Samsung RV510 laptop review

Business and social life can get very hectic; you need a notebook that can keep up with the pace. The Samsung RV510 notebook is as reliable as they come, working relentlessly, day in and day out so you don't have to. Packed with useful features you need without slowing the overall performance of the notebook, making everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable.

See more with High-Definition!

Power equally matched by design, I must say that the Samsung RV510's beautifully vibrant LED-display is quite a sight when watching high-quality movies or playing games at full resolution. A crystal clear and sharp 15.6 inch LED display is easy on the eyes, especially if you need to burn the midnight candle or working for more than 9 hours during the day.

With a 16:9 aspect ratio and a resolution spanning 1366 x 768, rest assured that your DVD or home video's will fill the entire screen with no distracting black bars getting in your way. Delivering accurate details and a palette of vibrant colours and the best advantage is that it uses less power, so you can enjoy the endless hours of movies, music or gaming without sacrificing battery power. As they say... Work hard, play harder.

Tough and durable

When buying a laptop, most people's first and last thoughts is, will it last? Consumers appreciate value for money and this sleek RV510 laptop delivers on all fronts. Affordable and reliable but don't be fooled as this laptop is truly built to last. The tough, durable casing can withstand bumps and knocks keeping your contents safe and sound. If you need further reassurance then i suggest purchasing laptop bags or sleeves for a personal touch and peace of mind. Now I'm not saying the laptop is indestructible but it definitely took me a long time before I notice any marks or scratches on the exterior finish, so please no jumping-on-the-laptop experiments.

Tough exterior
looking good but tough as nails

From the tough exterior to the functional interior, the RV510 laptop has a special feature that is both useful and clever. Normally you shut down a computer or laptop after you use it, waiting forever to boot back up, well the Samsung RV510's lid just needs to be closed and it goes into a powerless sleep mode. While in this mode, it immediately saves all your current data, system configurations and software applications to your internal hard drive and PC memory. So when you open the lid again, it instantly "wakes up" bringing you back to the same point. Like you never switched it off.

Instant connections

The Samsung RV510 laptop is no loner, it works well with other digital devices. It has 3 high-speed USB 2.0 ports to connect to your digital camera, external hard drive or printer, a VGA port to hook up to an external monitor and RJ45 LAN port to connect to a home or office network. My personal favourite is the 4-in1 multi memory card slot, very useful if you need to transfer photos, videos or music files from either a cellphones memory card or another device that uses flash memory cards.

For the family orientated or the social butterflies, the Samsung RV510 has a built-in webcam. If you like to keep in touch locally or share special moments with loved ones overseas. Business entrepreneurs can use the webcam for web conferencing via Skype or other VoIP (voice over IP) applications. Access the internet wirelessly with WiFi 802.11bgn or from various high speed data cards.

funtionality is key
isolation keyboard makes typing easy

Comfortable laptop keys and buttons are a must, especially working long hours. Use the 17-key numeric keypad for tipping away on your PC, whether you're using Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, doing calculations or playing video games, it all adds up: Samsung's numeric keys offers easy, enhanced usability and a new isolation keyboard style means more space between the keys, making it easier to type and more comfortable for your fingers.

Bottom Line

The Samsung RV510 is every hard working enthusiast's key to success. Fast processing, eye-catching 15.6" display, tough exterior, great software line-up and so much more. A great investment and true value for money, two elements that the Samsung RV510 laptop brings to the table, the overall usability and extensive features will be key to improving word-related activities or simply day to day computing.