The Alienware laptop, what’s the big deal?

Owning a laptop meant that you had the processing power of a bulky desktop pc right square on your lap. The portability and convenience is a huge bonus but Alienware laptops can be considered as the jackpot. The crème da la crème of portable computers, Alienware is the mark of excellence for any computer nerd (me in particular) which is why it gave me goose bumps upon switching it on!

After spending some time with an Alienware laptop, like me, you will become a convicted believer in portable gaming machines. The processing power coming from an Alienware laptop is overwhelming, all my applications and software work faster than i could have imagined but I'm only scratching the surface of this laptop's possibilities. Remember buying a laptop is a big investment and choosing the right one can get tricky and confusing especially with so many to choose from. I'm getting ahead of myself; let's first look at why some call Alienware "the greatest gaming laptop brand in the universe" and why you need one?

Looks ARE everything

The Alienware laptop range is known for exceptional design, durable yet sleek material and comfortable features for those long periods of use. All these beautiful space-age laptops have world class engineers working endlessly to get the right look & feel for every laptop. So as you unpack a Alienware laptop, your attention is immediately focused on the exterior splendour of this magnificent beast of a laptop. The iconic front grilles seem to resemble a chevrolet camaro and LED lights shine through every inch of the laptop making you feel like your inside a alien mothership. A soft touch finish that is smooth to the touch and doesn't leave too many fingerprints on the surface is a true sight to behold.

From the smaller m11x to the mighty m18x, the weight of the laptop seems to increase with each model but not a big problem for me as its quiet easy to carry from room to room. Expect integrated Wi-Fi for internet, crystal clear audio, USB 2.0 ports and a memory card reader these are among the many added extra's you can enjoy with any Alienware laptop. Many laptop bags and sleeves are available for the added protection and notebook coolers for those long gaming sessions to ensure the "hulk" stays cool.

The Alien laptop family

A quick overview...
  • Alienware M11x - the smallest laptop of the bunch, an 11" inch screen size but the lightest and most portable laptop of the family.
  • Alienware M14x - A bigger 15" inch screen size, more powerful than the M11x, better gaming and overall performance
  • Alienware M17x - Bright 17" inch screen, 3D-ready laptop, faster than both M11x and M14x, increased battery life as well
  • Alienware M18x - 18.4" inch display, full 3D technology, super fast i7 processor, best gaming and overall features than previous models.

The Ultimate gaming machine!

Now that we're familiar with the Alienware laptops, what makes them so special? Well, as mentioned before, the power that comes with an Alienware laptop is unrivalled. Alienware laptops has top of the range hardwear out of the box, from Core 2 Duo to Core i7 monster processors, lightning fast dual channel DDR3 memory modules and Nvidia graphics technology for stunning visual. Wait let me stop there... what does these technical specifications and jargon mean to the average Jane or Joe?

"From Core 2 Duo to Core i7 monster processors"

The processor is the brain of the computer right? So the faster the processor the better your overall performance is. For office multi-tasking, high quality movies, video games, design or editing software and more will work faster with an Alienware laptop.

"Dual channel DDR3 memory"

Data is constantly stored on your laptop, whether your working with documents, media files or playing computer games. This data is stored on a single memory module called RAM. Alienware laptops has more than one module slots and they're fast, very fast; the RAM works hard to quickly boot up your laptop, smoothing out all running applications or just simply enhancing your daily tasks.

"Nvidia graphics technology"

This is more referred to the graphics/display card in your Alienware laptop. A graphics card means better looking movies, high quality gaming and generally better looking visuals in your laptop.

Bottom Line

Any Alienware laptop will undoubtedly cost you a pretty penny, but believe me it's worth it. I highly recommend Dell's Alienware laptop range for the hardcore gaming enthusiast or high profile business mogul. However, if you don't fall into this category, then consider an Alienware laptop as the best portable computer on the market and a sure fire asset to you and your family for years to come.

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