Mass Effect Trilogy

The wait is over; experience the last stand between Commander Shepard of the SVV Normandy and the most powerful Alien civilization in the galaxy... The Reapers

Every moment in Mass Effects first and second game has been leading up to this, what will be the outcome of this climactic battle and has your choices prepared you for the fight of your life? In order to fully understand Mass effect universe, let's take a quick look back at the events of Mass effect 1, 2 and of course the finale... Mass effect 3!

Warning: Possible spoilers if you haven't played ME1 or ME2 yet and using male Commmander Shepard as reference.

Mass Effect

The Rouge Spectre

The year is 2188, Hardened war veteran lieutenant John Shepard, a human spectre of the Citadel Council, was sent to Eden Prime to recover a mysterious Prothean beacon. The Citadel Council, the highest authority in the galaxy, sends both Turian and Human spectres; Shepard and Nihlus as well as a biotic solider Kaidan Alenko.

Upon arrival, the Shepard's team finds Eden Prime under attack by a robotic army called the Geth, which was led by The Councils top spectre, now turned rogue... Saren Arterius. After many battles waged on Eden Prime, Virmire and ultimately the Citadel itself, Saren uses it flagship destroyer Sovereign to destroy the Citadel in an effort to rule the galaxy.

The Sovereign ship however reveals itself to be on of the feared Reapers, an advance machine civilization that ruled the galaxy for millennia, who was mainly using Saren to attack and eliminate on all organic life in the galaxy. It was now up to Shepard and this team to save not only the lives of everyone in the Citadel but top stop the Reaper Sovereign from advancing its plans to destroy the galaxy.

Mass effect 2

Taking the fight to the Reapers

Weeks after the events of the first Mass effect, Commander Shepard and his crew patrol the galaxy aboard the SSV Normandy; looking for Saren's last remaining Geth machines. A mysterious battleship attacks the Normandy, Shepard helps this crew to get to escape pods but the Normandy ultimately gets blown to pieces. Commander Shepard leaps off the Normandy seconds after it explodes, but gets his suit ruptured and dies from lack of oxygen while floating into the deep void of space.

The Commander gets rescued by an humanitarian organization called Cerberus and after two years, Shepard is revived but to what end?

The illusive man, the head of the Cerberus organization, tells Commander Shepard that a new treat called the Collectors who are abducting entire human colonies from across the galaxy. With Shepard back in command, he recruits a new team from all over the galaxy to rescued these colonies from the collectors as well as discover the truth about the coming Reaper treat.

The actions and decisions made in Mass effect 1 and 2 regarding missions, side missions and the final battle will have a direct effect on the story progression of Mass effect 2.

Mass effect 3

The Battle on Earth

The countless battles and sacrifices have lead to the final battle against the Reapers. Earth has been made the battlefield as the Reapers have invaded Commander Sheppard's home world in order to wipe out him and all life in the galaxy.

Facing the Reapers alone seems impossible and Commander Shepard but he/she has a plan for a counter offensive against the alien treat but a new a familiar face stands in his way. Cerberus the new enemy, once thought to be friend, has turned into a formable fow and is intent to take Sheppard out by any means possible.

The fate of the planet Earth as well as the entire galaxy rests in the hands of Commander Shepard, humanities symbol of freedom and our last hope of survival.

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