Trusted Shop Award

Trusted Shop Award
The OneShop Trusted Shop Award has been successfully presented
to trusted online shops since 2007, and is now in its sixth year.

About the Award

The Oneshop Trusted Shop Award 2012 is awarded in recognition of the top South African websites and online businesses that go the extra mile in ensuring a secure purchasing environment for their customers by adhering to all regulations, by displaying correct information, and by carrying out their business in a trustworthy manner.

The OneShop Trusted Shop Award sets a standard of excellence for those associated with it, as it epitomizes a secure online shopping environment and encourages best online-business practices. It has become a recognised symbol of secure online shopping.

At the same time, it educates internet users and online consumers about online shopping protocols and standards.

Entry criteria for this award include the following:

  • Business Practice: Carry out their business in a trustworthy manner.
  • Registered Company: Online shop needs to be owned by a registered South African company.
  • Landline number: You will be required to provide a landline telephone number.
  • Secured Payment Gateways Your store will need to provide encrypted credit card processing.

Your site is also reviewed by industry experts focusing on:
  • Store's design
  • Payment methods
  • Ecommerce software
Online Shopping
OneShop and our partners support online stores that have been awarded
the Trusted Shop Award.
We recommend that awarded stores display their award on their websites.

If for what every reason you do not believe an awarded store deserves this award, please contact us.