Samsung G2 2.5" 500GB external hard drive

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Samsung G2 2.5\" 500GB external hard drive Product Information

Samsung G2 portable hard drive

Samsung brought out their newest family of external hard drives and has quickly become the centre for sleek, simple yet reliable storage options.

Dynamite comes in smaller packages

A smaller design not only means portable and convenient storage but lower on power consumption as well. The materials that went into the Samsung G2 design are environment-friendly but most importantly scratch-resistant, keeping your drive looking its best wherever you go. Like the leaves of a baobab tree, the G2 hard drive gives off a sparkle when in direct sunlight.

Data safe and secure

Keeping your information safe from prying eyes is important, that’s why Samsung hard drives as safeguards in place to insure your data are protected at all times.
Backing up your data is a must, however most of us forget and it can prove costly. Samsung has you covered by providing an auto backup feature, so you can either set a specific time or let the drive take care of it all. It’s very quiet, giving a new meaning to the phrase “silent partner”.

Plug in and Enjoy

Faster speeds need a good interface connection. Samsung hard drive has industry leading USB 2.0 peripheral connections. Which has a maximum transfer speed of up to 480 MB/s. Supporting both eSata and even higher USB 3.0 speeds, giving you almost double the performance when you need it most.

The Samsung G2 external hard drive is a must for anyone who needs reliable storage capacities, fast speeds, and practical yet sleek design. Added security and backup features ensures peace of mind whenever you need it.


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