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perry and fontane sisters como one more time cd

Jasmine Music Perry & Fontane Sisters Como One More Time

This 2 CD set includes duets with Perry Como the Fontane Sisters and tracks from the individual artists as well. a wonderfull variety of material was

cliff richard move it early years cd

Jasmine Music Cliff Richard Move It / Early Years

2010 2 CD collection from the British Pop/Rock icon. At the start of his career Cliff Richard was an out and out Rock 'n' Roller, as these early

danny kaye maladjusted jester on screen and radio cd

Jasmine Music Danny Kaye Maladjusted Jester On Screen & Radio

Here are 48 magical movie moments and vintage radio performances from the irrepressible, irresistible Mr. Kaye. His off key specialty Begin the

buck clayton legendary swing sessions cd

Jasmine Music Buck Clayton Legendary Swing Sessions

2009 collection. The Big 18 was a studio only big band assembled by musical director Fred Reynolds in 1958 with the idea to showcase some of the star

jeri southern you better go now when your hearts on fire cd

Jasmine Music Jeri Southern You Better Go Now / When Your Heart's

Few jazz singers could summon as many emotions on 1 recording as Jeri. These 2 mid '50s LPs capture her at the height of her interpretive powers,

porter wagoner a rare slice of country cd

Jasmine Music Porter Wagoner A Rare Slice of Country

Among these 26 tracks are 10 ultra rare early Porter Wagoner recordings issued here for the first time anywhere! Includes I Love No 1 but You River

carmen cavallaro alone together the art of cocktail

Jasmine Music Carmen Cavallaro Alone Together: the Art of the

24 ivory ticklin' tracks from sweet band leader Carmen Cavallaro! Includes Cocktails for 2 Stay As Sweet As You Are Serenata You're Mine, You

celia cruz reflections of the incomparable cd

Jasmine Music Celia Cruz Reflections of the Incomparable Celia

Celia Cruz was 1 of the most acclaimed artists in Latin American music. This 2 disc set comprises 4 original albums and includes many early classics.

sandy nelson teen beat 1959 1961 cd

Jasmine Music Sandy Nelson Teen Beat 1959 1961

EU only 2 CD collection. The late '50s/early '60s were the golden era for Rock Roll Instrumentals and Sandy Nelson was by far the biggest drum star

andrews sisters some sunny day cd

Jasmine Music Andrews Sisters Some Sunny Day

EU only 4 CD set. Some Sunny Day The Songbook, the Energy And the Blend is a 1 of a kind box set from 1 of the most popular female vocal groups of

santo and johnny first two stereo albums cd

Jasmine Music Santo & Johnny First Two Stereo Albums

2011 2 CD collection. When Les Paul hit the scene at the end of the '40s and then Duane Eddy in the '50s, it became apparent that the use of the

sonny james southern gentleman cd

Jasmine Music Sonny James Southern Gentleman

EU only 2 CD set from the Country icon. Sonny James was 1 of the most popular Country stars of all time and had phenomenal success throughout the

della reese jubilee years cd

Jasmine Music Della Reese Jubilee Years

2010 2 CD release. The many talents of Della Reese has meant she has enjoyed a long and successful career as top drawer performer of Jazz, Blues, R

burl ives wayfaring stranger cd

Jasmine Music Burl Ives Wayfaring Stranger

Those golden years were the '40s and '50s, and this 4 CD set brings you hits plus rare radio recordings from that era. He sings his hits Blue Tail

DVD movie
dells time make you change cd

Jasmine Music Dells Time Make You Change

Digitally remastered 2 CD collection. The Dells are 1 of the finest R B vocal groups and the only 1 to survive with pretty much the same line up to

ray price in a honky tonk mood cd

Jasmine Music Ray Price In a Honky Tonk Mood

The Cherokee Cowboy's greatest honky tonk sides, including his early hits City Lights Invitation to the Blues I'll Be There if You Ever Want Me If

lefty frizzell texas tornado cd

Jasmine Music Lefty Frizzell Texas Tornado

This endlessly imitated singin' southpaw was the only country star ever to have 4 records in the Top 10 at once all 4 are here plus the rest of his

bobby vee take good care of my baby cd

Jasmine Music Bobby Vee Take Good Care of My Baby

2012 2 CD collection. If it wasn't for the untimely death of Buddy Holly we may have never had, Bobby Vee who started his career as a fill in for the

jazz couriers first and last words cd

Jasmine Music Jazz Couriers First & Last Words

As the title suggests, this penultimate reissue of an original Tempo classic British modern jazz album combines the Jazz Couriers first recordings

aretha franklin princess of soul cd

Jasmine Music Aretha Franklin Princess of Soul

EU only 2 CD set. Aretha Franklin is 1 of the giants of Soul and American Pop music her success was so great she eventually went on to be named, Lady

johnny nash definitive early lp collection cd

Jasmine Music Johnny Nash Definitive Early LP Collection

2011 2 CD collection. Johnny Nash may be remembered by some for the Reggae music he did in the early '70s and his hit I Can See Clearly Now . Here

ink spots golden age of the cd

Jasmine Music Ink Spots Golden Age of the Ink Spots

Darn near everything, too 4 CDs containing 101 tracks and over 5 hours of some of the best group harmony ever recorded! Includes Java Jive Into Each

trapp family singers journey cd

Jasmine Music Trapp Family Singers Journey

2010 2 CD collection, the second volume of the incredible recordings of the legendary Trapp Family Singers, the inspiration for the musical, the

jeanette and eddy macdonald duets cd

Jasmine Music Jeanette & Eddy Macdonald Duets

Here for the first time is an album of fantastic duets taken from their motion pictures. Featuring the million seller Indian Love Call plus many

little walter singles as and bs 1952 60 cd

Jasmine Music Little Walter Singles a's & B's 195260

Digitally re mastered 2 CD collection. Little Walter was without a doubt the most influential Blues harmonica player of the 20th Century, and here

tubby hayes swinging giant 2 cd

Jasmine Music Tubby Hayes Swinging Giant 2

Tubby Hayes Swinging Giant 2 CD

nina and frederik collection listen to

Jasmine Music Nina & Frederik Nina & Frederik Collection: Listen to

Nina Frederik Nina Frederik Collection Listen to the Ocean CD

victor feldman departure dates cd

Jasmine Music Victor Feldman Departure Dates

Born in 1934, Feldman began playing drums at age 6, and within a year was part of a professional trio with his brothers nick named Kid Krupa, he made

carl smith time changes everything mr country cd

Jasmine Music Carl Smith Time Changes Everything: Mr Country

Carl really earned the name Mr. Country in the '50s, spreading over 40 hits across that decade. You'll find a heap of his country Top 10s here Let

count basie dance sessions cd

Jasmine Music Count Basie Dance Sessions

Count Basie was among the most important bandleaders of his era. With the exception of a brief period in the early '50s, he led a big band from 1935

harry and his orchestra james meadowbrook memories cd

Jasmine Music Harry & His Orchestra James Meadowbrook Memories

That's Meadowbrook as in the famous Meadowbrook Ballroom in New Jersey the setting for this outstanding performance by Harry James! Vocalists Kitty

elton britt country musics yodelling cowboy crooner 1 cd

Jasmine Music Elton Britt Country Music's Yodelling Cowboy Crooner

With his wartime smash There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere, Elton Britt achieved 1 of the biggest selling country records up to that time

max bygraves i wanna sing you my hits cd

Jasmine Music Max Bygraves I Wanna Sing You My Hits

2009 collection from the British comedian and singer, actor, songwriter, impersonator and story teller. The ever versatile Max By graves was a true

tennessee ernie ford lusty land davy crockett

Jasmine Music Tennessee Ernie Ford Lusty Land / Davy Crockett /

A full CD that compiles 3 EP's by the Country Western great from his heyday Tales of Davey Crockett , This Lusty Land and Tennessee Ernie Ford .

morton gould star dust symphony 40 standards cd

Jasmine Music Morton Gould Star Dust Symphony: 40 Standards

2009 2 CD release. Morton Gould was a child prodigy, playing the piano at the age of 4 and went on to have a successful career as a multi talented

victor borge phonetically speaking and dont forget the

Jasmine Music Victor Borge Phonetically Speaking / and Don'T Forget

76 minutes of musical mastery and comic mayhem, recorded live in concert! Borge brings down the house with Phonetic Punctuation Inflationary Language

big joe turner 10 years of hits cd

Jasmine Music Big Joe Turner 10 Years of Hits

EU only 2 CD collection from 1 of the greatest and most popular of R B singers whose career stretched from the 1930s to the 1980s. Here we