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SKROSS World to UK Product Description

SKROSS World to UKJust as all products from SKROSS, the country travel adapters are also made in familiar high Swiss quality and comply with all the relevant international safety standards in and, of course, are certified and patented.Features Don t leave without it At last a holiday in Scotland the last few days in the Highlands were unforgettable, and now just the last stage to Loch Ness. Of course you don't believe in monsters, but you just can't leave out a visit to this lake of legends. And then the unbelievable happens Nessie appears out of the waves right in front of you. At the very same moment you know that nobody will ever believe you, because of course your camera battery has been empty since yesterday and the plug on the charger it came with just doesn't fit in the UK. Always ready for action You could have captured the sensation on photo if you have had the travel adapter for Great Britain. It is ideal if you regularly travel to countries using the British mains socket standard. You can use this travel adapter to connect all your 2 and 3 pole devices with Schuko or Euro plugs when you're there. That means that you can't just simply plug your camera into the mains socket when you get there, you can also connect your iron, electric toothbrush and your laptop without problems. Travel to UK and Europe With the Combo World to UK, which combines the mains plugs used in Europe and Great Britain you always have the right connection. It's ideal if you travel predominantly to countries using the British mains plug standard, but are also regularly travelling through Europe Schuko .Specifications Suitable for equipment with earthed and unearthed plugs 2 and 3 pole Receptacles for Switzerland, Italy, Australia / China, USA, Europe Schuko and 2 Pol Euro Output plug UK, Europe Schuko Input voltage 220V 240V Max. load 13A Power rating e.g. 220V 2860W / 230V 3120W Integrated fuse Adapter does not convert voltageBox Content SKROSS World to UK

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