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american history comic books preschool

American History Comic Books

In this collection of engaging and entertaining mini comic books, students share in the adventures of time traveler Scooter McGinty as he celebrates

applied social science for early years preschool

Applied Social Science for Early Years

Applying social science subjects such as psychology, sociology, social policy and research methods to Early Years can help to raise standards and

childminders guide to play and activities preschool

Childminder's Guide to Play and Activities

It is essential that all home based professionals working with children understand and encourage learning through play and activities. All children

childrens mathematical graphics preschool

Children's Mathematical Graphics

This book challenges traditional beliefs and practices of teaching 'written' mathematics in early childhood. It gives theoretical underpinnings and

circle time for the very young with cdrom preschool

Circle Time for the Very Young [With CDROM]

Circle Time for the Very Young has been used by teachers and practitioners alike for the last ten years! Now in its third edition, this book has been

classroom science from a to z preschool

Classroom Science from A to Z

Involve the whole family with the new Learning Science from A to Z series. Supplement your curriculum with fun, hands on activities, or hold family

color me orange preschool
contemporary perspectives on language policy and literacy preschool

Contemporary Perspectives on Language Policy and Literacy Instruction

Language Policy and Literacy Instruction, Olivia N. Saracho and Bernard Spodek. Historical Perspectives in Language Policy and Literacy Reform,

curious crayons preschool

Curious Crayons

Features of Curious Crayons Includes 19 activities that foster age appropriate process skills, including observing, communicating, comparing,

early childhood mathematics education research preschool

Early Childhood Mathematics Education Research

This important new book synthesizes relevant research on the learning of mathematics from birth into the primary grades from the full range of these

early intervention in movement preschool

Early Intervention in Movement

This text is full of practical ideas to help all early years children enjoy developing their movement abilities. Each activity uses rhymes and

early numeracy preschool

Early Numeracy

Offers starting points for young children beginning to learn about mathematics through engaging activities. This resource is suitable for whole

emergent science preschool

Emergent Science

This book will support the development of early understandings, skills and attitudes for anyone involved in science education. Drawing on the

engaging young children in mathematics preschool

Engaging Young Children in Mathematics

This work brings together the combined wisdom of a diverse group of experts involved with early childhood mathematics. The book originates from the

essential primary mathematics preschool

Essential Primary Mathematics

If you are teaching or learning to teach primary mathematics, this is the toolkit to support you! Not only does it cover the essential knowledge and

everyday maths through provisio preschool

Everyday Maths Through Everyday Provisio

Children are born naturally mathematical, so why is it sometimes so difficult to observe children being mathematical Why do so many of us think we

farmer and me preschool
helping children to be skilful communicators preschool

Helping Children to be Skilful Communicators

Showing that communication happens in a variety of ways, this series of books covers being together, finding a voice, listening and responding, and

history in the early years preschool

History in the Early Years

This accessible and innovative guide to helping young children explore their past through their environment, family history and story supports both

if dreams could talk preschool
jolly phonics word book in print letters preschool

Jolly Phonics Word Book in Print Letters

A handy teacher's resource providing useful lists of words made from the individual letter sounds and digraphs. A handy teacher's resource providing

jolly songs in print letters preschool
language arts learning centers for the primary grades preschool

Language Arts Learning Centers for the Primary Grades

Want to make the most of learning centers but not sure how Let this outstanding resource be your guide. It features 4 complete language arts learning

learning outdoors preschool

Learning Outdoors

It is now officially acknowledged that outdoor play is extremely important for young children's development and that a few old bikes and a climbing

marvelous moving things preschool

Marvelous Moving Things

How are playground slides and ramps for toy cars alike Now, your young students can work as scientists to find out! With this action packed book,

misconceptions in primary science preschool

Misconceptions in Primary Science

This essential book offers friendly support and practical advice for dealing with the common misconceptions encountered in the primary science

movement and dance in early childhood preschool

Movement and Dance in Early Childhood

'This original and fascinating approach to children's movement development is highly recommended reading for tutors, practitioner and students alike'

music 3 5 preschool

Music 35

This book gives information, ideas and principles for music with 3 to 5 year olds that are both down to earth and up to date. Written in a style

my first book of cutting preschool

My First Book of Cutting

Scissors are basic tools for developing fine motor skills, and this book is the best way to introduce them to your child. Use this book to help your

my first book of lowercase letters preschool

My First Book of Lowercase Letters

This is a fun and easy way to help your child learn to read and write lowercase alphabet letters. Kumon workbooks are based on the Kumon Method, an

nursery rhyme flip chart preschool

Nursery Rhyme Flip Chart

Building phonemic awareness is a joy with 20 well loved nursery rhymes! Includes teaching tips and activities! Building phonemic awareness is a joy

penny tassonis practical eyfs handbook 2nd edition preschool

Penny Tassoni's Practical EYFS Handbook 2nd edition

Fully revised and updated for the 2012 EYFS framework Written by Penny Tassoni so you can be sure that you're getting the best advice on the new

play activities for the early years practical ways to preschool

Play Activities for the Early Years Practical Ways to Promote

Play Activities for the Early Years contains over 130 activities for practitioners to use with children in the Early Years Foundation Stage EYFS . It

playing outdoors preschool

Playing Outdoors

For all members of the Leave No Child Inside movement who are engaged with early childhood as educators, child care providers, nature center staff,

power and emotion in infant toddler day care preschool

Power and Emotion in InfantToddler Day Care

Robin Lynn Leavitt presents in a provocative ethnography the lived experiences of infants and toddlers in day care centers. This text speaks to

primary mathematics preschool

Primary Mathematics

1 feature of this book that sets it apart from others is the care that is taken to clarify the authors' interpretation of the phrase 'teaching for

problem solving reasoning and numeracy in the early years preschool

Problem Solving Reasoning and Numeracy in the Early Years Foundation

The Practical Guidance in the Early Years Foundation Stage series will assist practitioners in the smooth and successful implementation of the Early

science and technology for the early years 2nd edition preschool

Science and Technology for the Early Years Purposeful Play

Science and Technology for the Early Years 2nd Edition contains 120 science and technology activities for use in the Foundation stage, along with

science for primary and early years preschool

Science for Primary and Early Years

A comprehensive guide to the subject knowledge requirements for the teaching of science in early years settings and primary schools. It explores

science in the early years preschool

Science in the Early Years

Giving early years practitioners and students the confidence to effectively support scientific exploration and investigation with young children,