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alice pitch pipe recorder

Alice Pitch Pipe

Small device with chrome plated housing, sturdy and durable. C C pipe, with marked openings for each note. Provides a pitch reference for musicians

aulos 209 alto recorder recorder

Aulos 209 Alto Recorder

The Aulos 209B Alto Treble recorder has a patented AULOS cavity wall design. Soft, clear and sonorous tone. Toyama Musical Instrument company is the

aulos 211 tenor recorder recorder

Aulos 211 Tenor Recorder

The Aulos 211 Tenor Recorder is part of the Aulos Robin series with an elegant Neo Baroque shape and 2 tone brown and ivory color finish. Designed to

aulos 503 soprano recorder recorder

Aulos 503 Soprano Recorder

The finest AULOS series in our line up is the 500 symphony series. The Aulos 503A soprano recorder is the most popular model soprano recorder and is

aulos 507 sopranino recorder recorder

Aulos 507 Sopranino Recorder

The Aulos 507B Sopranino recorder is part of the fine 500 Symphony series. Sounds 1 octave higher than Alto treble recorder. Quick easy response and

aulos 509 alto recorder recorder

Aulos 509 Alto Recorder

The finest AULOS series in our line up is the 500 symphony series. The Aulos 509A Alto recorder is the most popular Alto recorder model and is

hohner 9560 c soprano barogue recorder recorder

Hohner 9560 C Soprano Barogue Recorder

Hohner brings you high quality wood recorders that provide brilliant tone and durability with a patented mouthpiece that makes playing a breeze! 2

hohner soprano school recorder recorder

Hohner Soprano School Recorder

Hohner Plastic 3 Piece Descant Recorder, Key of C, Ivory Colour. Includes vinyl pouch and cleaning rod. Recorder 150 Years more than just a lifetime.

qi mei alto recorder with leather bag recorder

QI Mei Alto Recorder With Leather Bag

QI Mei Alto Recorder With Leather Bag Alto recorder with great glossy surface. Environmental friendly ABS mouthpiece for producing clear and

yamaha yra28bii recorder recorder

Yamaha YRA28BII Recorder

This is an easy to play alto with accurate intonation and a warm rich sound which will enhance any recorder ensemble. ABS recorders are durable and

yamaha yrs24 b soprano recorder recorder

Yamaha YRS24 Soprano Recorder

Yamaha YRS 24B recorders are designed to provide a perfect start to anyone's musical education. The recorder with Baroque Fingering is in the key of

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