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m audio aries condenser microphone microphone

M Audio MAudio ARIES Condenser Vocal Microphone

The Aries is a professional condenser microphone designed specifically to capture live vocals with the highest quality. While condenser microphones

m audio luna professional large capsule condenser microphone

M Audio MAudio LUNA Professional LargeCapsule Condenser Microphone

The new M Audio Luna professional condenser microphone is truly a work of art inside and out. Luna delivers vintage look and sound combined with

m audio nova condenser microphone microphone

M Audio MAudio Nova Condenser Microphone

Using manufacturing breakthroughs pioneered by M Audio's popular Luna and Solaris, the new Nova cardioid redefines the entry level price point for

m audio podcast factory complete package microphone

M Audio MAudio PODCAST FACTORY Complete Package

The Podcast Factory combines all the hardware and software you need to easily record, edit and publish professional sounding podcasts. Create

m audio pulsar 2 matched pair small diaphragm studio microphone

M Audio MAudio Pulsar 2 Matched Pair SmallDiaphragm Studio

The Pulsar II Matched Pair delivers a boxed set of Pulsar II small capsule condenser microphones that are within / 1dB of each other from 20Hz to

m audio pulsar professional cardioid instrument condenser microphone

M Audio MAudio Pulsar Professional Cardioid Instrument Condenser

M Audio's Pulsar is a medium capsule professional microphone optimized for capturing all the nuances of your instruments. Pulsar is perfect for

m audio solaris large capsule multi pattern condenser microphone

M Audio MAudio Solaris LargeCapsule MultiPattern Condenser

The Solaris is a large capsule condenser microphone that sounds as good as it looks. Beneath the stylish exterior lies the best sounding solid state

m audio sputnik tube condenser mic microphone

M Audio MAudio SPUTNIK Tube Condenser Mic

M Audio's Sputnik mic signals the end of microphone envy. Based on a classic vacuum tube design and manufactured in state of the art facilities to

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