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6 October 2011
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I recommend buying it
Was looking for a cheap case for the office, but wanted something that would keep my new GTX550 cool. For under R500 Zalman Z7 was my top choice. 3 fans already included is rare for that price. USB, audio + e-SATA ontop of the box makes it easy to just reach down and plug things in. The fan by the graphics card has a little controller to adjust its speed for when its need, thought this was really cool. Front fan has blue LED's to give the front of the case a blue glow. The Zalman logo ontop also has a blue light behind it. The only negative was installing the HDD drive which meant removing the front bezel and unscrewing the whole hard drive mount but hey at that price I'm not complaining. Overall I am impressed with it, for its looks and cooling features. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Strengths: 3 fans included, stylish clean design, blue LED for that cool lighting. USB, audio and e-Sata ports ontop of case. Adjust case fan to increase speed when needed.

Weaknesses: Hard drive was a little tedious to install

My Rating: 10 Rating

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